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Leonard Peltier struggles on for freedom

After 28 years, the courts still won’t correct the wrongs of the past. On April 19 the U.S. Supreme Court refused to review the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals’ denial of Leonard Peltier’s request to be considered for parole, despite the Circuit Court’s recognition that the government indisputably engaged in misconduct in the prosecution of Peltier.

National Clips

HOOVER, Ala.: Residents defend immigrant workers / NAPLES, Fla.: Bush “green” policy puts profits first / SPRINGFIELD, Mass.: Defies ‘Drug Lords, Inc.,’ saves $2 million / WASHINGTON, D.C.: Corporations break the law, get a contract in Iraq

SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA, Gearing up for the elections

LOS ANGELES – “California must defeat Bush by an overwhelming majority,” said Jarvis Tyner, executive vice-chair of the Communist Party USA, “and we must say to the Terminator (Republican Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger): Bush is now and you’re next!”

Illinois seniors rally for prescription drug relief

SPRINGFIELD – Hundreds of senior citizens from every corner of Illinois converged on the State Capitol in Springfield on April 30 to demand passage of the Senior Citizens Drug Discount Plan. Wearing their Illinois Alliance for Retired Americans (Illinois Alliance) buttons, the retirees chanted, “All Seniors! All Drugs! Best Price! This Year!”

Students read-in for books not bombs

Students from Philadelphia high schools and colleges weren’t about to let studying for finals get in the way of their participation in the National Youth and Students Peace Committee (NYSPC) May 6 “Books Not Bombs” Day of Action.

No jobs for youth

It is widely known that official unemployment figures are far too low. Millions of jobless workers are “counted out” of the labor market – they just don’t exist, as far as the statistics are concerned.

National Clips

MIAMI, Florida –Save Our Kids from Gov. Bush / OMAHA, Nebraska –Captive meeting turns expensive / SACRAMENTO, California – Budget deficit axes healthcare, food and public safety / OLYMPIA, Washington –Stop AIDS, violence and poverty / LANSING, Michigan – Governor to veto partial birth abortion bill

Protest blasts corporate media

PHILADELPHIA – Nearly 300 people protested monopoly control of the media at a rally and march to ABC, NBC and Clear Channel Radio headquarters here on May 12.

Changes are happening to your World/Mundo

CHICAGO – I was talking to a subscriber today and mentioned that our editorial office – the place where these very pages get put together week-after-week – was moving from New York City to Chicago.

Texas Democrats defy GOP power grab

ARDMORE, Okla. – The power grab by President George W. Bush, his advisor Karl Rove, and U.S. Majority Leader Tom DeLay to redraw Texas congressional districts in order to send up to seven new right-wing extremists to the U.S. House of Representatives suffered a serious setback when 53 Democratic lawmakers on May 12 boycotted the Texas House of Representatives.

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