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Victory for immigrant rights: Gov. Davis signs drivers license bill

LOS ANGELES – California Gov. Gray Davis made history on Sept. 5 when he signed a bill that will give an estimated two million undocumented immigrants the right to a driver’s license in this state.

National Clips

NASHVILLE, Tenn.: Bush jeered on campaign trail / HARTFORD, Conn.: Machinists fight to save jobs / SAN ANTONIO, Texas: Texans debate USA Patriot Act / WASHINGTON: Farmers demand safe milk

Protesters assail Ashcroft, Patriot Act

BOSTON – Over a thousand people took a detour from going to work or class on Sept. 9 to protest a visit from Attorney General John Ashcroft to historic Faneuil Hall where he held an invitation-only meeting to sell the USA Patriot Act.

Anti-recall crowds grab PWW/NM in California

DELANO, Calif. – “May I have three more copies for my friends?” said a farm worker at a United Farm Worker rally here last weekend. He was referring to that week’s edition of the People’s Weekly World with a front page headline, “California Labor Thunders: No Recall.”

The legacy of Benjamin J. Davis

This is the centennial of the birth of a former New York City Council member from Harlem and a remarkable African American leader: Benjamin J. Davis.

King anniversary marchers pledge voter drive

WASHINGTON – In an atmosphere charged by the “war on terror” and the Bush administration’s severe curtailments of civil rights, thousands of people marched and rallied here Aug. 23 to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the historic 1963 March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom where Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. delivered his famous “I Have a Dream” speech.

Puget Sound challenges White House

SEATTLE, Wash. – President George W. Bush met some heated opposition when he visited the Puget Sound region last week, posturing about his weak environmental policies and raising $1.7 million for his reelection campaign at a single reception in Hunts Point at the home of telecommunications billionaire Craig McCaw.

Families demand, Bring em home!

CRAWFORD, Texas – Something is new in the fight against President Bush’s military aggressions in the Middle East. It is the growing resistance of the military men and women as expressed by their families here at home.

Prop. 54 poses threat to equality

While the California recall vote will get most media attention before the Oct. 7 election, progressive-minded voters are also gearing up to defeat a ballot initiative that will appear on the same ballot – Proposition 54. This is a follow-up measure to Prop. 209, the anti-affirmative action or so-called “civil rights” initiative passed in November 1996, proposed by right-wing University of California Regent Ward Connerly and his so-called American Civil Rights Institute.

Utility workers urge blackout probe

The FirstEnergy transmission line failure in Ohio that quite possibly triggered a massive blackout in the country’s Northeast earlier this month may have been caused by neglected maintenance stemming from the industry’s deregulation, the Utility Workers Union of America said last week.

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