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Mega-rich families spend millions to repeal estate tax

“Money to get power, and power to guard the money,” was the motto of the powerful Medici family in 16th century Florence, Italy. It is getting to be a successful modern political strategy for some of America’s wealthiest families today.

Growing determination to free Cuban Five

The Cuban Five — Antonio Guerrero, Ramón Labañino, René González, Gerardo Hernández and Fernando González — were defending Cuba against right-wing, Miami-based terrorism when they were arrested by U.S. authorities almost eight years ago. Despite an international outcry, they remain unjustly imprisoned.


Bush speech falls flat: Border militarization dubbed lousy policy

If President Bush thought he could mobilize his conservative base with anti-immigrant fear-mongering while still appearing “compassionate,” his efforts fell flat.


Illinois lawmakers seek Bush impeachment

CHICAGO — Last month Illinois state Rep. Karen Yarbrough (D) introduced into the General Assembly House Joint Resolution 125, calling for procedures of impeachment to begin against President George W. Bush for violating his oath of office.


Toussaint released, contract battle continues

NEW YORK — Roger Toussaint, president of Transport Workers Union Local 100, was released from jail on the morning of April 28 after serving less than five days of a 10-day sentence for violating the anti-strike provisions of New York state’s Taylor Law.


GOP mounts stealth attack on fuel efficiency standards

Under the pretense of doing something about gas prices, President Bush and Republican leaders in Congress are seeking to gut the nation’s 30-year-old system for mandating fuel efficiency of cars and trucks.

8 Mos. After Katrina: Dont Come Back to New Orleans Unless You Intend to Fight for Justice'

On Monday, April 17, 2006, two bodies were found buried beneath what used to be a home in the Lower 9th Ward. Their discovery raised to 17 the number of Hurricane Katrina fatalities that have been discovered in New Orleans in the past month and a half. Katrina is now directly blamed for the deaths of 1,282 Louisiana residents. Eight months after Katrina, the state reports 987 people are still missing.

Blaming immigrants lets the real culprits off the hook

The dramatic events in Congress and on the streets have intensified the national debate about immigration. Some polls show the public agreeing that immigration is “out of control” and that “something must be done.” But there are clear indications that the public is not averse to giving the undocumented a break.

EDITORIAL: Our anthem nuestro himno

Always on the lookout for wedge issues to divide us, President Bush waded in on the side of “English only,” proclaiming it is wrong to sing the Star Spangled Banner in Spanish.

U of Miami janitors celebrate victory

CORAL GABLES, Fla. — After two months of struggle, including picket lines, demonstrations and a three-week hunger strike, striking janitors at the University of Miami have won the right to unionize through the method of their choice, a card check process.

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