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D.C. rally targets 2004 elections: Take back America

WASHINGTON – Wearing plastic top hats and chanting, “Who needs Medicare? I’m a millionaire!” over 1,000 mock-capitalists marched to Vice President Dick Cheney’s residence, June 6, to thank him for pushing through another trillion dollar tax cut for the rich while slashing Medicaid and education.

U.S. agents grill Oakland high-school students

OAKLAND, Calif. – Parents, teachers, students and civil libertarians are still in an uproar over an incident on April 23 when U.S. Secret Service agents swooped down on Oakland High School and interrogated two male 16-year-olds about their comments critical of the Iraq War and an alleged threat they made against President George W. Bush.

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Texas Homeland Security scandal brews

AUSTIN, Texas – A scandal is brewing in Texas related to the use of the Department of Homeland Security and other law enforcement resources to advance the partisan political agenda of the right-wing extremists who control the state and federal governments.

These cuts wont heal

The Medical-Industrial complex has set its sights not only on reaping massive profits from the medical insurance, durable equipment, bio-med technology (the ooh ah bells and whistles part of health care we all love and believe makes us the “best in the world”), and pharmaceutical components of the U.S. health care non-system, it is also hell bent on extracting even more wealth from the social benefit programs of Medicare and Medicaid.

Little Maine: the dragon slayer

When two British publications – The Economist magazine and The Financial Times – pay tribute, of sorts, to the actions of a single state in the USA, you can be sure that history has been made.

Urgent campaign to save San Pedro River

Tucson, Ariz. – The continued existence of the Southwest’s ecologically vital San Pedro River is under severe threat, environmental activists say, because of a rider to the FY 2004 Defense Authorization Act.

Philadelphia calls for Patriot Act repeal

PHILADELPHIA - By a vote of 13-3, Philadelphia City Council joined 115 other local and state governments around the country to call for the repeal of the USA Patriot Act, May 29.

Bush tax cut leaves 16 million kids behind

CHICAGO – With eyes as big as headlights, Tatiana Graves is the center of the world to her doting family. It’s hard to imagine anyone leaving this chubby-cheeked cherub behind. But the 5-year-old is one of 16 million American children of low-wage families who will not be receiving the highly-touted child tax credit to be issued this summer.

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