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EDITORIAL: Thank the workers and common-sense voters

When working people sit down to Thanksgiving dinner this year they will be savoring more than turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce. They will be giving thanks that a clear majority in the Nov. 7 midterm elections displayed so much common sense, voting to end one-party, dictatorial rule in Washington.

EDITORIAL: Change policy, not just faces

While Rumsfeld is going, U.S. troops are still in Iraq. Bush’s appointment of former CIA head Robert Gates to take Rumsfeld’s place does not mean that the president intends to heed the voters’ message: get out of Iraq.

Labor eyes quick passage of new organizing law

WASHINGTON (PAI) — The new Democratic-run House in the 110th Congress will pass the Employee Free Choice Act, AFL-CIO Legislative Director Bill Samuel said in a Nov. 8 interview. “It will be nice to be playing offense for the first time in my career.”


Now is time to move on health care, Conyers says

CHICAGO — Health care activists from around the country gathered here for a strategy meeting Nov. 11-12, energized in the wake of the Democrats winning control of both houses of Congress.

Labor hits the ground running

CLEVELAND — Flush with victory in the Nov. 7 elections, Cleveland’s labor activists, like their counterparts elsewhere, are pressing to broaden the base of their movement and are already taking initiatives to guarantee that campaign promises are realized.