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“On the Streets, Under the Trees”: Homelessness in urban and rural California

In the Bay Area and Los Angeles, homeless activists are taking the tactics of Occupy a step further.


Connecticut celebrates Day of Dignity and Respect.

The events organized by the Connecticut Immigration Reform Alliance, featured 180 giant portraits of immigrants and supporters. The photos were placed on exhibit in Danbury, Hartford, New Haven and Stamford.


Photographer Milton Rogovin dies at age 101 in NY

BUFFALO, N.Y. (AP) - Milton Rogovin, a social documentary photographer who built a life's work by looking through a lens at people who were invisible to others, died Tuesday, January 18,  at age 101.


The photography of Milton Rogovin

Milton Rogovin, at 100 years young, keeps up his activism as his photographs gain wide notoriety.


Kenneth J. BeSaw, photojournalist and Communist

Kenneth J. BeSaw, longtime photographer for People's World, died at the end of November while recovering from back surgery.