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Courts block some voter suppression laws

Right wing efforts to suppress the voting rights of minority groups have hit roadblocks in North Carolina, Wisconsin, Texas, North Dakota and Kansas, but the fight is far from over.


In Johnstown, Pa., Democrats make case for “you’re hired” president

"We are visiting places that prove what Americans can do. We are the most productive, competitive workers in the world."


Member-supported Workers’ Education Society registers St. Louis voters

"We are trying to challenge the cynicism; we are trying to register, educate and activate, while also building a base."


Rev. William Barber baptizes nation in revolutionary thought at DNC

He said that in order to correct the heart problem in America, the people had to be the nation's "moral defibrillator."


Hillary Clinton at DNC: America at a time of reckoning

Hillary Rodham Clinton walked onto the stage and into the history books at the Democratic National Convention here Thursday night.


Obama at DNC: Don’t fear the future, shape it together

In his final address as president before a DNC, Obama delivered a forceful message: that the time had come to once again make history. 


Asian-Americans, Pacific Islanders on the rise at Dem Convention

The Asian-American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community is on the rise in the politics of this country.


Sen. Elizabeth Warren: Organize unions to end boom and bust economy

"Something powerful is happening. All the work, the organizing, all you have done for many years is now culminating like never before."


Peoples Convention held last weekend just before DNC

"The People's Convention" opened to a crowd of enthusiastic activists at the historic Arch Street Friends Meeting House in downtown Philadelphia.


History: Hillary Clinton nominated for Presidency of the United States

The historic nomination takes on significance, because it comes at a time when women's rights are under attack by Republicans in state after state across this country.

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