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Native Americans, pipelines, and journalists: How to cover disasters

Native protesters say they have been demonized and misrepresented, and many of the people covering their stories do not respect their culture.


People of the wide world of sports, unite!

Colin Kaepernick's protest of racial injustice and police violence against African Americans has drawn more athletes into the dialogue.


IRS bullies Pastors for Peace, Cuba solidarity activists - petition

The IRS appears to be targeting the faith-based group, which has for decades sent caravans of goods to Cuba as an act of civil disobedience.


Native demonstration against pipeline held at law offices in Bismarck

Standing Rock Sioux and their allies demonstrated at the offices of the law firm, Fredrikson and Byron to protest the firm's representation of Energy Transfer Partners.


Breakthrough: Private university graduate students can organize

"We expect our relationship with the administration to be much easier; to establish a much more democratic process to determine our work conditions."


Activists turn Chicago police torture site at Homan Square into Freedom Square

The occupation is one of several national protests currently being led by African-American-led organizations.


Grassroots activists convene in Pittsburgh

The two hour march was conducted by delegates to the first national People's Convention of the Center for Popular Democracy. 


Stand With A Pulse: St. Louis Workers’ Education Society DIY benefit concert for Orlando

The event brought four bands and five speakers together for the event which drew a diverse crowd of nearly 100.


This week in LGBTQ history: Recognizing African-American activist Pauli Murray

The civil rights activist, lawyer, and theologian, and an acknowledged lesbian, will soon lend her name to one of two new residential colleges.


In the vanguard for gay liberation: The life of Communist organizer Harry Hay

In 1950, Harry Hay, longtime Communist and union activist, founded the Mattachine Society, one of America's first LGBTQ rights organizations.

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