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2013: The post-election agenda

The economy is framing everything in the post-election period - and not only for the short term. Here's why.


Occupy Sandy builds on longstanding progressive tradition

This was not the first time that a radical movement decided to provide direct services to individuals who suffered extreme hardship.


Troubled children adopted by homo/heterosexual parents flourish equally well

Anyone concerned about the anti-gay agenda of the radical Right in the U.S. will findwebsites dedicated to the proposition that gay couples should not be allowed to adopt children.


Census: America becoming more urbanized

In some ways, the nation is reversing previous trends; in others, it is forging completely new paths. The country is becoming both more integrated and more segregated.


Gas prices and presidential politics

The real issue is: who is to blame for the high prices, and what can be done to stabilize energy costs?


Progressives say election may bolster social safety net

The increasingly likely win by President Obama may amount to a mandate to preserve, if not extend, the social safety net and the social insurance programs.


The aftermath of Aurora

In the wake of the chaos, everything from film violence to gun control is being talked about and looked at from different angles throughout the country.


Toxic chromium in New Jersey town plagues residents

While I was growing up as a teenager in Garfield, residents more directly affected by the chromium contamination were suffering.


My New Jersey hometown - contaminated?

Garfield, like the other neighborhoods along the Passaic River that border it, was a working class factory town during the 20th century.


New bill would remedy nation’s “dental crisis”

Are your teeth a part of your body? Apparently, no. More than one-third of Americans have no dental insurance. One quarter of U.S. adults 65 and older have lost all their teeth.

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