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Atlanta family, battling foreclosure, evicted at gunpoint

A Georgia family of four generations was evicted at gunpoint by more than a dozen DeKalb County sheriff's officers in the middle of the night.


Foreclosed tenants tell bank: Let us stay!

Though legal papers to evict them have yet to be filed, the bank, which now owns the building, is pressing the families to leave.


California looks to pass Homeowner's Bill of Rights

In a counterattack against Wall Street, grassroots groups and state leaders  joined forces to exact significant concessions from the big banks.


Dallas "funeral" protests foreclosures

Progressive organizations came together to protest home foreclosures with a long march and vigil in North Dallas.


Romney's win spurs Florida organizing to "pink slip Mitt" in November

Candidates spent heavily on TV spots in the days leading up to the primary, fueled by lavish corporate contributions to Super PACs.


Obama to investigate mortgage fraud

Responding to public demands to prosecute the banks responsible for creating the financial crisis, President Obama announced on Tuesday a new financial irregularities task force


Sweetheart deal or fair deal on housing?

After months of negotiation with big banks, the White House may announce a settlement that would let the banks off the hook for their role in the foreclosure crisis.


Foreclosures set to rise in 2012

The slight dip in foreclosure rates in 2011 was not the beginning of a trend towards reversal of the mortgage crisis.


Bank of America forecloses on Whittier home, neighbors rally to fight it (video)

Whittier residents join fight to stop Bank of America from taking their neighbor's home. (video)


Labor and community groups call for action as mortgage fraud settlement nears

Take action, says Working America in response to reports that the Justice Department is nearing an agreement with several banks responsible for ripping off home owners by mortgage fraud.

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