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Activists applaud Obama, renew push for DREAM Act

Undocumented young people - the DREAMers - see the president's move as a result of their more than two years of organizing.

GOP tries to defund Obama immigration plan

The GOP shows its true face on immigration affairs, and undercuts its own efforts to give itself a more "immigrant friendly" visage.


Obama ends threat of deportation for one million

President Obama today issued a sweeping new directive stopping in its tracks the possible deportation of as many as one million young immigrants.


DREAM Act has majority support, but not Rubio “plan”

The vast majority of people in the United States support the DREAM Act.


DREAMers in Denver protest deportations, private prisons for immigrants

Undocumented youths from the Campaign for the American Dream arrived here just a few days ago, and are already changing things.


Coalition steps up fight against Alabama anti-immigrant law

They will, in effect, tell Alabama's governor and legislature, "If we can't appeal to your humanity, then we will appeal to your pocketbooks."


Undocumented youth, Latino voters protest Romney in Indiana

Braving the elements, undocumented youth and Latino voters from acros Indiana came out to voice opposition to Mitt Romney's extreme immigration rhetoric.


20,000 march against Arizona's SB 1070

As part of a series of national protests against Arizona's SB 1070 law, more than 20,000 people marched here April 29 in Voces de la Frontera's annual May Day march.

Justices skeptical about parts of Arizona immigration law

Where Arizona and federal laws differ is that Arizona has higher penalties against only the workers and presumes they're undocumented, forcing them to prove their legality.


Grijalva, immigrant rights leaders discuss Supreme Court hearing

A vicious backhand to undocumented people, Arizona's SB1070 is a law that allows local police to detain and arrest anyone.

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