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“Adios Arpaio” campaign heats up in Arizona

The notoriously racist Tea Party darling likes to call himself "the toughest sheriff in the country," but it seems he is afraid to openly debate his main opponent.


Mexican supermarket workers and union condemn E-Verify

Mexican supermarket (mercado) workers, supporters and union organizers marched through the Latino immigrant community on San Jose's East Side.


Reclaim democracy, protect the vulnerable says faith community

At its Fire of Faith, Rekindling Democracy rally this past Sunday, the Detroit metropolitan faith community unveiled a new kind of "heat" beginning to sweep the region.


Judge O.K.’s Arizona “Show me Your Papers” Law

Arizona can now start enforcing the "show me your papers" provision of the contentious anti-immigrant state law known as SB1070.


California legislature passes bill to ease deportations

As California's legislative session races to the finish line this week, bills to ease restrictions on the state's undocumented immigrants are making headlines.


13,000 jam Navy Pier to gain legal status

On Aug. 15, Navy Pier here transformed into New York's Ellis Island - instead of seeing the Statue of Liberty welcome them, it was the Chicago skyline.


Coalition will educate youth on new immigration rules

The Department of Homeland Security clarified rules for undocumented immigrant youth looking to apply for temporary legal status.


New Haven resident card inspires hope

The idea for the card came from the practical needs and stresses of the immigrant community.


Memorial honors fallen immigrants

The statue is intended as a remembrance to all those who perished attempting to cross the Mexico-U.S. border.


Florida voters support immigration reform

A recent poll offering a snapshot of Florida voters found that they back the President's decision to end deportations of DREAM Act-eligible youth. They also support some broader, more sweeping reform.

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