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Labor, environment, rights groups launch campaign for Internet expansion

The Communications Workers of America, NAACP and the Sierra Club have come together to launch a campaign for what they say is a much needed faster and more available Internet in the United States.


Chicago's Latino community finds online hub

City Vida was inspired by the idea that there wasn't one website out there that provided a combined effort of local entertainment for the Latino community.


Obama administration unveils high-speed Internet projects

Vice President Joe Biden  August 18, announced recovery act funded investments in 94 projects to provide high-speed Internet access to communities in 37 states.


Recovery Act brings broadband - and jobs - to rural communities

The administration is providing more than $1.3 billion to fund broadband projects in rural communities across the country.

Working-class and rural communities win victory in FCC ruling

A victory for equal access to the internet was scored recently with the decision of FCC chief Julius Genachowski to reassert the agency's authority to regulate the Internet.


Court strikes blow against equal Internet access

A blow was struck to equal access to the Internet by a federal appeals court this week.


Debate on FCC broadband plan includes closing digital divide

The Federal Communications Commission is set to unveil a sweeping proposal tomorrow to overhaul the U.S. broadband policy in order to bring affordable, high-speed Internet connections to all Americans.

The impact of homophobia in virtual communities

A few weeks ago there was a group established on Facebook called 'I hate gays' which openly advocated killing gay people. When the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) sent a report through Facebook's built in reporting system and then urged its Facebook and Twitter followers to do the same, the user was suspended, and the group abandoned and commandeered by pro-gay users in the matter of hours.

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