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Today in history: Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month

Hispanic Heritage Month runs from Sept 15 to Oct 15 each year, recognizing the contributions and celebrating the continental heritage and culture.



SOA Watch protest links immigration with foreign policy

Pinochet's army in Chile, generals who fueled El Salvador's civil war and murderous paramilitaries in Colombia's drug war have all been trained at the SOA.


Militarizing Latin America: Obama has a choice

This past December marked the 190th anniversary of the Monroe Doctrine, the 1823 policy declaration by President James Monroe that essentially made Latin America the exclusive reserve of the United States.


Progressive alliance charts new course for Latin America

Over 250 people, including students, teaches, unionists, and political activists, attended the two-day conference on this city's north side.

House hearing debates Cuba travel

A bill to end the Cuba travel ban got a lively debate in a House committee last week.