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Another terrifying ICE raid, but this time, a different response

BELLINGHAM, Wash. -- In a terrifying early morning raid Feb. 24 here 28 workers, believed to be undocumented, were arrested at Yamato Engine Specialists by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers.

Arrests thrust right-to-die into spotlight, again

BALTIMORE—Voters in Washington State last fall, and in Oregon eight years ago, approved by strong majorities ballot propositions legalizing physician assisted suicide for terminally ill patients suffering unbearable pain. Known as a movement for “death with dignity,” it has spread nationwide.

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Celebrating Black history and Obamas roots

CHICAGO –To celebrate African American history month, the People’s Weekly World and Workers Education Society hosted a distinguished panel over a delicious meal of the city’s finest soul food. Historian Dr. Timuel Black, civil rights, HIV/AIDS activist and former government official Brenetta Howell Barrett and Political Affairs publisher Joe Sims spoke on the “Roots of Obama and the struggle for equality in a new era.”


Stanford: Biggest Texas scandal since Enron

HOUSTON – With typical Texas flamboyance, Sir Robert Allen Stanford built a financial empire which stretched across Texas, through Mexico, the Caribbean islands and into South America. He was charged by the SEC on Feb. 17 with defrauding investors of upwards of $8 billion in the most shocking financial scandal in Texas since the fall of Enron.

Obamas call for more perfect union stirs millions

Barack Obama’s appeal to the people to join in building a “more perfect union” touched a deep chord among millions of voters weary of division and hate peddled by the corporate ultra-right and their Republican agents in Washington.

What will it take to bring progressive change?

“I never looked at the primaries before, but this year they got my notice,” a former factory worker now stuck in a low-wage health care job exclaimed to me recently. She stays glued to the election news on TV whenever she can.

And the race goes on

Texas labor leader Ed Sills reported that at his Travis County Democratic caucus, March 4, there was both a record turnout and strong cooperation between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton supporters in setting up the delegate selection process.

When housing dreams become nightmares

“Buy a house and it is yours” is a powerful dream. However the deregulation of the banking industry, one of capitalism’s more mysterious and predatory creatures, started by the Reagan administration, is a large pin pricking the dream bubble.


Immokalee workers may launch boycott of McDs

CHICAGO — Imagine waking up every morning, still dark outside, and then have to pick tomatoes for a typical 10-hour workday, seven days a week, with armed guards watching over you.

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