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Dont forget to vote June 24!

MoveOn.org, the online grassroots advocacy group, will conduct a web-based presidential primary election next week. Voting will begin at midnight EDT on June 24 and continue for 48 hours.

Civil Liberties Union: Make U.S. safe and free

WASHINGTON – About 1,500 members of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) applauded June 11 as ACLU Executive Director Anthony Romero vowed a fightback against the Bush administration’s “far-reaching assault on our Constitutional rights, using the war on terrorism as a convenient smokescreen.”

Bush has the corporations, but the Communist Party needs YOU!

While corporate executives are lining up this week to give money to Bush for a second try at election fraud, the Communist Party is hitting crunch time in the final weeks of its annual fund drive.

Seniors disrupt Medicare hearing: No to privatization

Dozens of angry senior citizens, protesting a prescription drug bill they say will undermine the entire Medicare program, were ejected from a House Ways and Means Committee hearing, June 17. Meanwhile, a few miles across town at the White House, President Bush was brushing off his tuxedo for the next day’s gala fundraiser where drug giant GlaxoSmithKline would make a quarter million dollar donation to his re-election campaign.

National Clips

BOSTON, Mass.: Boston marches for gay rights, peace / NEW YORK, N.Y.: General Electric heeds footsteps / FARMVILLE, Va.: After 44 years, a diploma / CLIFTON, N.J.: Registered immigrants face deportation / PORTLAND, Ore.: Company pays homeless with pizza

Kucinich message rings true in Wisconsin

MADISON, Wis. – Over 1,000 people turned out here on May 31 to hear Democratic presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich and other activists speak at a “Rally for Peace and Prosperity.”

Conyers and ACLU slam new Ashcroft power grab

WASHINGTON – Civil liberties activists, led by Rep. John Conyers (D-Mich.) and the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), denounced Attorney General John Ashcroft’s demand that Congress grant him wider police-state powers by passing the so-called “Patriot Act II.”

Drive launched to reverse FCC vote

The Stop Media Monopoly Petition, a campaign to reverse the FCC’s decision to allow further monopolization of the media, already has nearly 200,000 signers, evidence that Americans don’t want a few big companies controlling their access to news and entertainment.

Protesters denounce Bush Medicare plan

CHICAGO – A spirited crowd of several hundred people braved the early morning chill June 11, to protest as President Bush arrived here to push what they charge is a phony Medicare prescription drug plan.

D.C. rally targets 2004 elections: Take back America

WASHINGTON – Wearing plastic top hats and chanting, “Who needs Medicare? I’m a millionaire!” over 1,000 mock-capitalists marched to Vice President Dick Cheney’s residence, June 6, to thank him for pushing through another trillion dollar tax cut for the rich while slashing Medicaid and education.

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