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What we need today a program for working peopleELECTION PLATFORM 2004, COMMUNIST PARTY USA

Editor’s note: The Communist Party USA recently released the following election platform. We reprint it here as part of our coverage of the broad, people’s movement to defeat President Bush. The platform is also available on-line, in English and Spanish, at www.cpusa.org.

GOP steps up attacks on foreign born

News Analysis The Bush administration and the Republican leadership in Congress are stoking the fires of anti-immigrant agitation in the weeks before the election.

Hey, Twin Cities: Thanks for the support!

The Twin Cities were alive with political activity the Sept. 24-26 weekend. Volunteers were doing voter registration in front of grocery stores.

Native American Indians get out the vote rez-style

CASS LAKE, Minn. — Sitting in her tiny office at Leech Lake Tribal College here, Elaine Fleming ran through the get-out-the-vote (GOTV) activities she is helping to organize among the college’s students, faculty and staff.

Coalition registers millions, seeks huge turnout Nov. 2

Leaders of the nationwide voter registration movement are reporting that millions of new voters have registered for the Nov. 2 election, breaking records. click here for Spanish text

The battle for Congress heats up

“I have never considered myself a partisan person, but the Republican Party left me behind, so I had no choice but to leave the Republican Party behind,” Steven Brozak told delegates to the Democratic Convention this summer.

From plains to shining sea The call is 'Dump Bush!'

Heartland unionists put in long hours MOORHEAD, Minn. — Standing in a factory parking lot here on a sparkling September day, surrounded by fields of sugar beets, corn and soybeans that stretch as far as the eye can see, a postal worker, an electrician, a payloader operator and a railroad track maintainer divided up lists of union members and got ready for another afternoon of knocking on doors. click here for Spanish text

Health care tops list in California

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – Health care is taking center stage in the election campaign here, as the struggle heats up over Proposition 72, the Health Insurance Act, which will provide health insurance to over a million uninsured Californians, and limit how much employers can charge workers for their health benefits.

The Republican campaign to suppress the Black vote

The African American people from slavery to today have had to wage a hard, bitter and bloody struggle for the right to vote. The right to vote, therefore, is sacred; it is a basic part of achieving full democracy, including equality for all.

Kerry vs. Bush. Think theyre the same? Think again.

On Sept. 30, the first debate will be held between George W. Bush and John F. Kerry. It will focus on foreign policy.

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