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Trump’s VP pick Mike Pence addresses right-wing lobby ALEC

Indiana's governor, Trump's Republican running mate, addressed - and hailed - ALEC, disregarding worker protests out front of the secretive right-wing cabal's meeting.


Voting with their feet: Traffic plummets at Trump casinos and hotels

Whether it appears on a ballot or on the front of a building, Trump's name is a turn-off for increasing numbers of Americans.  


Massachusetts passes most comprehensive state equal pay law

The law bars employers from demanding past salary figures from job applicants; it also provides a more comprehensive definition of comparable work.


Meeropol brothers launch petition to exonerate their mother, Ethel Rosenberg

In the light of newly uncovered evidence, a campaign is now underway to exonerate Ethel Rosenberg.


Courts block some voter suppression laws

Right wing efforts to suppress the voting rights of minority groups have hit roadblocks in North Carolina, Wisconsin, Texas, North Dakota and Kansas, but the fight is far from over.


In Johnstown, Pa., Democrats make case for “you’re hired” president

"We are visiting places that prove what Americans can do. We are the most productive, competitive workers in the world."


Member-supported Workers’ Education Society registers St. Louis voters

"We are trying to challenge the cynicism; we are trying to register, educate and activate, while also building a base."


This week in history: Robert Carter III starts freeing his slaves

Carter came of legal age in 1749; by then he owned 6500 acres of land and 100 slaves. Within his lifetime he freed 452 slaves, and more following his death.


Progressive Dems hold climate panel, address barriers to change

"It's more than boots on the ground, its more than Bernie or Hillary, but about the world we'll leave the next generation."


“How can we get 64 million low-wage workers to the polls?”

Poverty-income workers and their allies gathered to strategize on how to mobilize the 64 million workers who earn less than $15 an hour to go to the polls.

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