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Why are law schools denying Black and Mexican American students?

The number of African American and Mexican American students admitted to law schools has decreased in the last 15 years, according to a recent study by a Columbia Law School professor.


NYC students on Facebook, in the street over MTA cuts

Public high school students, as well as teachers and parents, are organizing in new ways against a proposalto take away free-and reduced-price Metrocards currently issued to students.


Kids arrested for food fight

When it comes to zero tolerance policies and disciplinary action for schoolchildren, where do you draw the line?


Parents organize for Spanish-English translators in schools

Parents in New Haven, Conn., tell the school board it must provide translators at parent orientation meetings, raising the issue of language and equal education access.


N.M. teachers challenge corporate tax loopholes

Teachers, students and allies tell New Mexico lawmakers 'no cuts' to education.

Obama to students: Dream big and make us proud

In a much-anticipated speech, President Barack Obama delivered a back-to-school address to nearly 56 million students, K-12th grade, nationwide Sep. 8th, live from Wakefield High School in Arlington, Va. Most of the country's 15,000 school districts were prepared to show the speech, which was made available Monday from the White House.

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