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EPA considers banning frog-poisoning herbicide

Atrazine has been banned in the European Union since 2004, but in the U.S., approximately 80 million pounds of it are used during a year.


Drink coffee, live longer?

Some positive science to report: drinking coffee keeps the Grim Reaper away-at lease for a while longer.


Study exposes fracking’s poisonous effects

Now, concerns about the safety of gas drilling in the Marcellus Shale have skyrocketed, in light of a recent scientific study.


Do wind farms really cause global warming?

If you get your news from Fox or a handful of other news outlets that are not, to be charitable, best known for their fact checking, you will be relieved to learn that wind farms do not add to climate change.


Louisiana plan draws support but raises concern among fishermen

The plan would fix significant environmental problems and repair the state's receding coastline.


Environment and politics: one and the same

"Capitalism is fundamentally incapable of dealing with climate change." These were the words of microbial ecologist Steve McCallister.


Robot jellyfish pulls hydrogen fuel from water

An underwater robot has been modeled after a jellyfish, and will be used in rescue efforts and surveillance.


Billionaires back controversial geoengineering methods

A small unit of climate scientists, supported financially by notable billionaires, is lobbying governments and international organizations to back experiments in geoengineering


Pythons invading Everglades, hunting animals to extinction

"Last October, we found a 50-foot snake with an 80-pound doe inside it."


North Carolina to pay $50,000 to sterilization victims

A North Carolina task force has recommended that victims of forced sterilization be awarded $50,000 as compensation for the tobacco state's eugenics program.

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