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Other countries ahead of U.S. on electric cars

Where are we in regard to clean energy and fuel-efficient cars in the U.S.? It appears other countries are leading the way.


What Google and Facebook are hiding

When does Google stop being a helping hand and start turning into "Big Brother"?


Expand broadband for minority communities, advocates say

Labor and civil rights groups are recommending the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) do more to expand high speed Internet and broadband services for low-income and minority communities.


FCC approves controversial Internet rules

The Federal Communications Commission approved first-time regulations on companies that provide Internet service, but Al Franken is upset about it.


Obama administration unveils high-speed Internet projects

Vice President Joe Biden  August 18, announced recovery act funded investments in 94 projects to provide high-speed Internet access to communities in 37 states.


Recovery Act brings broadband - and jobs - to rural communities

The administration is providing more than $1.3 billion to fund broadband projects in rural communities across the country.


Unemployed tell their stories - online

At the Unemployed Workers' Support Network and other Facebook pages, jobless workers tell their stories, and organize.


GodBlock inspires controversy — among atheists

One would expect that religious people would be offended by new "GodBlock" software that removes Biblical references from children's computer screens - but  atheists  don't like it either.


San Francisco requires cell phone industry to post radiation warnings

San Francisco on Tuesday became the first city in the country to require the $190 billion a year cell phone industry to post radiation levels of different types of devices.

Working-class and rural communities win victory in FCC ruling

A victory for equal access to the internet was scored recently with the decision of FCC chief Julius Genachowski to reassert the agency's authority to regulate the Internet.

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