Why should I join the Communist Party?

There are a number of worthwhile benefits you can gain from joining our Party, including being part of a collective which supports its members, and builds on the individual strengths of each to create a stronger collective.

While none of us can possibly be involved in all the struggles that need to be advanced, we can belong to an organization that has people in all the important struggles, where we each do our part and the collective shares in the work of individuals. We can concentrate our specific issues, reinforcing our individual work, and build on our participation in many movements to encourage stronger coalitions between movements, organizations, and coalitions.

We can each benefit from the accumulated experience of a revolutionary party that is in the struggle for the long haul. We have to have a realistic approach to struggles, so that we don’t burn out, don’t let ourselves get overwhelmed—and being a member of the Party can help with all those issues.

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