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Colombian paramilitaries advance as peace plebiscite approaches

Paramilitary violence threatens efforts to end Colombia's 52-year civil war. Time to demand the U.S. government no longer support them.


For 25th year, Cuba seeks UN resolution on blockade

Cuba reports to the General Assembly so members can see the blockade through Cuban eyes. In 2015, 191 nations voted to end it; not the U.S. and Israel.


International opposition to Trans-Pacific Partnership grows

Remember NAFTA? The TPP promises to be more of the same - on a larger scale; that's why workers in many countries are pushing for a no vote on the...


Brazilian Congress ousts chief plotter of legislative coup against Rousseff

But Cunha is also threatening to bring down a large number of his colleagues, including former allies.

Economic inequality on the rise worldwide

Our global economy will never become more productive if we continue to let wealth concentrate.

Iran: Unions face daily state brutality

What is the state of the trade union movement in Iran? Is the labour law properly implemented in Iran?

Turkey’s authoritarian president Erdogan is big winner after failed coup

As the dust settles from the Turkish coup, there are obvious winners and losers, but predicting things in the Middle East these days is a tricky business.

Brazilian Senate ousts President Dilma Rousseff

By a 61-20 vote in the Brazilian Senate, Dilma is out, but the struggle to overcome the Right's stranglehold on the country continues.

This week in history: International Day of the Disappeared

The international day was created to draw attention to the fate of individuals imprisoned at places and under poor conditions unknown to their relatives.

Peace agreement in Colombia ends brutal, decades-long war

The agreement signed August 24 represents final approval of preliminary agreements reached by the FARC and the Colombian government.