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Whats going to happen to Iraq?

“Before I left Baghdad on the day U.S. bombing began, I sat and cried with many of my Iraqi friends who asked me ‘What’s going to happen to us?’” Even after five years reporting from Iraq for Democracy Now!, the Nation and others, independent journalist Jeremy Scahill had no easy answer. In an interview with the World, Scahill touches on why this regime change will not liberate Iraq.

Protests get Cuban 5 out of the hole

Statement by the Cuban National Assembly As a result of numerous messages of protest, the U.S. government decided to put an end to the solitary confinement that it had imposed to Gerardo Hernández, René González, Ramón Labañino, Antonio Guerrero and Fernando González, and to place them again in the general penal population, although maintaining several completely discriminatory restrictions against them.

War in Iraq takes horrifying toll

As the war in Iraq entered its third week, reports of casualties show the mounting physical and psychological toll on the Iraqi people and on U.S. soldiers as well.

Irish leader tells of post-9/11 nightmare

Bernadette Devlin McAliskey is a legendary figure in Irish and British politics. She is a hero of the jobless in Northern Ireland. McAliskey became a member of British Parliament at age 21, the youngest person ever elected to that post. Because of their work in opposing British rule she and her husband were shot by a death squad in their home in 1981.

Iraq war forces Indian workers home

TRIVANDRUM, India – Airports all over India are now overflowing with workers returning from the Middle East. Every day thousands of Indians are coming back, leaving their life-long earnings and their dreams of a better life behind with their jobs.

Profiting from a liberated Iraq

While U.S. war aims are couched in terms of “liberating” Iraq, the Bush administration is already divvying up the spoils of war.

In Iraq, casualties mount on both sides

“It’s all for nothing; that war could have been prevented,” Michelle Waters, sister of Staff Sgt. Kendall Waters-Bey, one of the first U.S. casualties of the Iraq war, said, tears running down her cheeks.

U.S. intensifies hostilities toward Cuba

The Cuban government warned of increased hostile activity by the Bush administration aimed at “destabilizing and subverting the constitutional order, infringing the law, conspiring against social development, boycotting economic relations, threatening the security and destroying the independence” of Cuba.

Humanitarian crisis deepens in Iraq

With the threat of a humanitarian crisis growing daily, international aid agencies have called upon U.S. armed forces to take urgent measures to help the Iraqi people obtain water and other aid necessary for survival.

Chicagoans to hear about Venezuela

The Venezuelan ambassador to the United States, Dr. Bernardo Alvarez, will visit Chicago for a public presentation, March 28. The following is a recent letter Alvarez wrote to the U.S. press.

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