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U2s Bono Backs Insidious Propaganda: Videogame With Venezuela Invasion Theme

WASHINGTON D.C. - U2’s Bono, well recognized for his campaigns to reduce poverty and treat AIDS in Africa is backing a videogame which promotes the invasion and destruction of Venezuela in order to check “a power hungry tyrant” who has “seized control of Venezuela and her oil supply.” Bono has failed to respond to concerns raised by the Venezuelan Solidarity Network about his funding of this project.

Washington Post Questions Legitimacy of Hugo Chavez

The Washington Post ran a misleading Editorial June 28 arguing that Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez may not be a “legitimate democratic politician.” After countless elections and a recall referendum, the fact that this debate is still happening is ridiculous.


U.S. groups challenge blockade of Cuba

The Pastors for Peace/U.S.-Cuba Friendshipment Caravan and the Venceremos Brigade are off once more to Cuba, the 17th time for the faith-based group led by the Rev. Lucius Walker and the 37th trip for the VB, which will undertake agricultural and construction work there.


Chicago torture probe draws worldwide attention

CHICAGO — As many as 200 people, mostly African American men, were allegedly tortured while in the custody of the Chicago Police Department during the 1970s and ’80s. The goal, victims charge, was to force them to falsely confess to crimes they did not commit.


Hearing spotlights plight of African immigrants

LOS ANGELES — A standing room only crowd came out June 25 to discuss how the immigration issue affects the African American community.


Thousands march at World Peace Forum

VANCOUVER, British Columbia — With over 4,000 international delegates from some 90 countries and the participation of thousands more from across Canada, the World Peace Forum 2006 opened here June 23. Dozens of panels, concerts, workshops and other events continued over the next five days.


Sham pullout plan called election ploy

The pressure of antiwar public opinion going into the fall congressional elections was clear last week as Republican strategists tried to sidetrack Iraq withdrawal calls by newly emboldened Democrats.


Jesus Colon: A Puerto Rican in New York

Two excerpts from “A Puerto Rican in New York and Other Sketches” by acclaimed author, newspaperman, activist, and communist Jesús Colón (1901-1974).

Puerto Ricans in Chicago celebrate 40 years of struggle

CHICAGO — This city’s North Side Humboldt Park neighborhood and the Juan Antonio Corretjer Puerto Rican Cultural Center celebrated 40 years of struggle, culture and progress in the Puerto Rican community, June 12-18.


Sudan and Darfur: The problem is political

The problem of Darfur is a political one. It is part of Sudan’s overall political crisis. It will never be properly tackled except in the framework of a comprehensive political solution to the problems of the country.

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