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U.S. residents less healthy than Canadians

A study by Harvard Medical School researchers in the July 2006 issue of the American Journal of Public Health finds that U.S. residents are less healthy than Canadians.

UN spotlights continuing scourge of AIDS

UNITED NATIONS — Twenty-five years after AIDS was first detected, in Los Angeles, and five years after the UN General Assembly adopted the “Declaration on Commitment on HIV/AIDS,” heads of state, ambassadors, representatives of nongovernmental organizations and people infected with HIV met here to review what progress has been made in the battle against a scourge that has killed millions.

Cubans jailed in U.S. as spies are hailed at home as heroes

HAVANA—European tourists here send home postcards with stamps bearing the images of five faces, known simply as los muchachos (the young men) or los cinco (the five). The faces, usually surrounded by billowing Cuban flags, stare out, larger than life, from factory walls, apartment buildings, billboards


Chile revisited a hopeful time

Everything looked different as we landed in Santiago Chile last month. The Andes Mountains were still awesome, even if the snow cap is shrinking. Just a few miles away, the Pacific Ocean still sparkled blue. The craggy hills that Charles Darwin adored still rose abruptly in the center of this city of 6 million. But the skyline had changed beyond recognition

U.S. teachers study education in Venezuela

A delegation of 16 teachers, 12 of them from Maine, returned April 24 from Venezuela where they got a firsthand look at educational changes in a nation where 80 percent of the people are poor and social revolution is in the air.

We can end this war!

To end the war and occupation in Iraq, the peace movement must continue to press Congress to bring the troops home and support every effort to move them to act. Congressional Democrats under pressure from the peace movement have introduced various bills and resolutions that begin to move us in this direction.

CWA hits high-tech visas

Spotlighting an aspect of the nation’s immigration debate that has received little attention, the Communications Workers executive board voted April 18 to lobby against a guest worker program which allows employers to create a temporary workforce of tens of thousands of lower-paid high-tech “guest workers.”


Movement presses on in wake of raids, arrests

CHICAGO — Imagine you are at work. You’re on a break getting food from the truck outside, when you are surrounded and arrested by federal agents

Inuit leader sounds alarm on global warming

‘We’re the early warning system for the rest of the world,’ says Arctic resident. When she was growing up in an Inuit community in northern Quebec, Sheila Watt-Cloutier never rode anything faster than a dog sled.

We thought it was oil, But it was blood

The other day We danced in the street Joy in our hearts We thought we were free

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