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Coke goes flat with Teamsters, students

“Our union brothers and sisters at Coca-Cola bottling facilities in Colombia have been threatened, kidnapped, tortured and murdered,” said Jim Hoffa, general president of the Teamsters union. Hoffa called for the company to negotiate a global human rights agreement that will “protect the rights and safety of those who produce, package and distribute Coca-Cola products.”


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Haitis Preval prevails after mass demonstrations

Rene Preval, presidential candidate of Haiti’s Platform of Hope (Lespwa) party and a longtime ally of ousted President Jean-Bertrand Aristide, was declared winner of the Feb. 7 elections after more than a week’s delay. Preval’s victory, which came on the heels of massive demonstrations protesting evidence of vote fraud committed by his opponents, was announced Feb. 16.

South Africans gear up for local elections

South Africa is preparing for local elections March 1, the fourth set of elections since the demise of the country’s notoriously racist system of apartheid a little over a decade ago.

Churches demand closure of Guantanamo

WASHINGTON — National Council of Churches General Secretary Bob Edgar has written an open letter, signed by 13,000 others, demanding that the Bush administration close the Guantanamo Bay torture prison where 500 detainees have been held for as long as four years without criminal charges.

U.S. allegations thwart six-party talks

While the Sept. 19 round of the six-party talks aimed at resolving the nuclear issue on the Korean peninsula ended successfully after the U.S. government agreed on paper to respect the sovereignty of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea), November’s round was unsuccessful. Further talks do not seem to be in the cards anytime soon, mainly, many say, because of a series of provocative moves made by the Bush administration.

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FBI attacks journalists during Puerto Rico raids

MAYAGÜEZ, Puerto Rico — Voices from almost all sectors of Puerto Rican society have been raised, once again, in protest against imperial arrogance and violations of people’s rights in this colony by U.S. authorities, following FBI raids of homes of pro-independence leaders on the morning of Feb. 10 in which a number of journalists were attacked with pepper spray. All the video footage shot by different news agencies showed the FBI attacks were unprovoked.

Hunger strikers tortured at Guantanamo. UN report calls for closing U.S. prison

WASHINGTON — Grisly details of torture of detainees at the U.S. detention center at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, are revealed in a new UN report, not yet released. The torture includes jamming feeding tubes up the nostrils of hunger strikers twice daily and force-feeding them Ex-Lax so they lose control of their bowels.

Hotel flap reveals imperialist essence of U.S. relationship to Mexico

A storm is raging in Mexico over extraterritorial rights claimed by the United States.

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