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Zimbabwe negotiates on power-sharing

In a triumph for African diplomacy, the ruling and opposition parties of Zimbabwe are in the midst of negotiations toward a power-sharing agreement. Despite Zimbabwean opposition calls for his replacement as mediator, South African President Thabo Mbeki succeeded in bringing together President Robert Mugabe and his opponent, Morgan Tsvangirai of the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC), for their first face-to-face talks in a decade.

July 26, Cubas National Holiday

At dawn on July 26, 1953, Fidel Castro, a young lawyer, told a group of young people, “Comrades, within a few hours, we will either succeed or be defeated. But regardless of the outcome, listen well, comrades, this movement will triumph.”

Ensuring peace on the Korean peninsula is the urgent task of our times

PYONGYANG, Korea – Reducing military tension and ensuring peace on the Korean peninsula is a matter of the utmost urgency, in regard to both the demands of the current world situation and the desire for peace on behalf of the vast majority of the world’s people.

Oil, independence, and gunboat diplomacy

In Buenos Aires earlier this month, Assistant U.S. Secretary of State Thomas Shannon rejected theories that the U.S. Fourth Fleet, assigned to watch over South America, had been reactivated for offensive purposes. So that means defense, Brazilian Senator Pedro Simón observed, “but defending against whom?”


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Iraq leaders set deadline giving Republicans PR disaster

Republican John McCain's touting of superior foreign policy credentials over his Democratic opponent foundered Monday as Iraqi officials pointed to a 2010 deadline for troop withdrawal, an almost identical time table favored by Barack Obama. The Arizona Republican has been opposed to setting any deadline even as the Bush administration itself last week offered “time horizons” marking a 180 degree turn from previous positions.

Canada implicated in torture at Guantanamo

VANCOUVER, British Columbia — The Canadian government is once again being accused of breaking international human rights laws, including the Geneva Convention. Newly released documents and DVD footage reveal that the Canadian government knew, as far back as 2003, that American interrogators had tortured Canadian prisoner Omar Khadr at the U.S. military prison in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba

Looking Global Warming in the Eye

When I first reported on global warming in the 1990s, events unfolded relatively slowly. Now they occur in such a blur that they barely have time to register on the media eye.


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Palestinians hit by food and water crises

Three United Nations agencies have warned of a decline in Palestinian living standards, with a new report showing that high food prices and falling incomes are forcing families to manage with less and lower quality food.

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