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India-China dispute? Says who

A section of media in India and abroad have hyped the border dispute between India and China these days.


Honduras talks stalled, again

Discussions between the Honduran coup government and deposed President Manuel Zelaya appear to have stalled again.

We should learn from Cuba says New Orleans mayor

When it comes to hurricane disaster response New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin, during his recent six-day trip to Cuba, said the U.S. should learn from the socialist island. Nagin acknowledged Cuba does “a much better job than we do.”


Iraq elections will shape post-occupation direction

With U.S. preparing to pull out troops next summer, Iraq heads to key elections, and a drop in violence is spurring an upsurge of social movements.


Mexican electricians receive U.S. labor solidarity

A growing list of U.S. labor unions is expressing their solidarity with workers of the electric company that serves central Mexico, which is facing repression from the government.


Spanish women demand abortion rights

 Ten years after the death of  dictator Francisco Franco, the Spanish government passed a law allowing for abortions in cases of rape, fetal malformation and when a pregnant woman's mental or physical health is deemed to be at risk.


New films use humor to make sharp points

Film luminaries like Michael Moore, Matt Damon, George Clooney and Palestinian director Elia Suleiman spotlighted movies mixing wit and wisdom at last month's Toronto Film Festival.


Trevor Fowler: A glimpse into post-apartheid South Africa

Video interview with Trevor Fowler former deputy head of the presidency in South Africa on a recent trip to the US.


100,000 march for jobs in Puerto Rico

“Today we declare a State of Peaceful Insurrection of the people of Puerto Rico”, declared Juan Vera, Methodist bishop of Puerto Rico, as he called for going from “protests to resistance to civil disobedience.”


Climate action day set for Oct. 24 worldwide

Some 3,000 climate change action events will take place in more than 150 countries on Oct. 24.

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