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World Notes: South Africa, Mexico, South Korea, Romania, Afghanistan, Cuba

South Africa and health care, Mexico and mining, South Korea and unions, Romania and general strike, Afghanistan and development, Cuba and milestones


‘Baby steps’ herald beginning of end to Cuba blockade

Despite a few missteps, momentum continues to build to end the 48 year-old US blockade of Cuba.


Mexican union fights privatizing electrical grid

In Mexico, the electricians’ union stands in the way of the government’s attempt to privatize the country’s electrical grid.


British unions debunk lies about National Health Service

American and British trade unionists unite to debunk lies about the UK's National Health Service.

A slow coup in Venezuela

U.S. measures for resisting progressive changes in Latin America have included funding of rightwing opposition groups, military deployment throughout the region, and the Fourth Fleet for monitoring a continent.


South American & African countries hold historic meeting

Leaders of more than 60 South American and African countries met on Margarita Island, Venezuela, last month, raising the possibility of a new bloc of nations that can reduce their dependence on the U.S. and other capitalist powers.


A U.S. musician pays tribute to Mercedes Sosa

Argentinian folksinger Mercedes Sosa was known the world over as “the voice of the voiceless.”


Iraq violence down and different, analysts say

Violence in Iraq is down sharply compared to a year ago, and has also changed its nature, analysts say.


Mercedes Sosa, Argentinian singer for justice, dies

Mercedes Sosa, who died Sunday, will live in the hearts of lovers of the Nueva Cancion and of social justice.


Military legacy at root of recent violence in Guinea

The people of Guinea are looking to institutions like the UN and the African Union to help  after the country was seized by recent military-instigated violence.

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