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Haiti relief efforts pick up steam

Administration officials say a big problem is volume of air traffic at tiny Port-au-Prince airport.


Billionaire wins Chile election

Sebastian Pinera defeated Eduardo Frei, the candidate of the governing coalition (Concertacion), becoming the first candidate from the right wing to win Chile's presidency since 1958.


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United Nations, Britain, Mongolia, Argentina, Iraq, Cuba


Jyoti Basu, great son of India, dies at 95

Jyoti Basu, a grand man of Indian politics and socialist movement who enjoyed tremendous popularity and respect, died Jan. 17 at age 95.


Earthquake in Haiti: Cuba responds

Less than a day after the earthquake struck Haiti, Cuban doctors were caring for the wounded in a fully equipped field hospital.


Urgent action required to free Iran political prisoners

People around the world are urged to speak out in solidarity with Iranian campaigners for peace, democracy and social justice.


The United States owes Haiti a big debt

Yesterday the Obama administration announced $100 million in financial aid for earthquake stricken Haiti. Good step, more is needed.


Cuban food production is up

President Raul Castro last year signaled increased food production as Cuba's top priority.


Iran: arrests continue as regime’s legitimacy crumbles

Iran's regime is employing intimidation tactics and the Islamic Republic is facing a crisis of legitimacy.


UN panel exonerates Guatemalan president in bizarre murder-suicide

On Jan. 12, there was a bizarre twist in the investigation by a special UN panel of the death of a right-wing attorney last year. According to the UN sponsored International Commission Against Impunity in Guatemala, attorney Rodrigo Rosenberg actually tricked two of his nephews into getting a hit man to assassinate him.

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