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Demonstrations confront Bush in London

President George W. Bush’s state visit to London this week has provoked an “unwelcoming” response of huge proportions, with mass demonstrations, teach-ins, debates, school walkouts, film showings, poetry readings, and plays organized to oppose Bush’s policies and those of his British counterpart, Prime Minister Tony Blair.

International notes

Mozambique: Brazil pledges anti-HIV help / Dominican Republic: Union activists arrested / Italy: Metalworkers strike over pay / Bangladesh: Police attack workers / UK: Warplanes fly over Scotland

Canadians fight to save public health care

PHILADELPHIA – Doug Allan, an authority on the Canadian health care system and a longtime health researcher for one of Canada’s largest public employee unions, spoke to appreciative audiences in Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Cambridge, Mass., this week in a tour sponsored by the People’s Weekly World/Nuestro Mundo.

U.S. Cuba policy out of tune

Opinion Did you see where Benjamin Treuhaft, a piano tuner in the U.S., is being pursued by the U.S. Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) because in 1994 he went to Cuba and tuned pianos there – for $1 (U.S.) each?

International notes

Britain: Mail strikers spied upon / Japan: Corporate donors get tax breaks / Mexico: Migrants send billions home / China: Moon launch next / Sub-Saharan African nations: Water emergency looms

International notes

S. Africa: Shoprite strikers march / Greece: Anti-NATO activists on trial again / Australia: Maritime firm stranded Pacific Island workers / Sudan: East Africa leaders say peace deal close

Israeli CP attacked

HAIFA, Israel – General Secretary of the Communist Party of Israel and Arab Israeli lawmaker Issam Mahoul and wife, Su’ad, survived a car bomb explosion and fire on Oct. 24.

Senate rebukes Bush on Cuba

By a voice vote, the U.S. Senate last week approved an amendment to the Department of Transportation bill that would strip the government of all funding for the enforcement of its much-criticized ban on travel to Cuba.

International notes

South Africa: Bram Fischer reinstated / Serbia: U.S. Steel hit by strike / Benin: Child laborers freed / Britain: Thousands still don’t get minimum / Latin America: Water crisis affects 130 million

Letter from Moscow: Russians fight to restore democracy

MOSCOW – October 4th marked the 10th anniversary of the storming of the Russian White House, the building that used to house the Soviet parliament. On this day in 1993, the city of Moscow erupted as the working people retaliated against then-President Boris Yelstin’s police force and political cronies.

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