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On a mission for justice: School of the Americas Watch travels to Colombia and Panama

The statistics I kept reviewing on Colombia seemed jumbled. Was 3.4 million the number of internally displaced people there, as one set of my notes said, or 4 million as another said? Did it really matter which one? The sheer enormity was overwhelming.


Reflections on returning to Vietnam

I recently came back from a remarkable return visit to Vietnam. My first trip to Vietnam was in 1972 during the war, when Nixon decided to bomb Hanoi during the Christmas holidays. The contrast with today’s Vietnam was enormous.

Score one for diplomacy

In a new and promising development, the United States and North Korea have reached tentative agreement on a far-reaching pact that could ultimately result in North Korea ending its nuclear program.


Ethanol: Worlds grain for food or profit?

The grain to fill a 25-gallon SUV tank with ethanol could feed a person for a year. The diversion of grains for the world’s 800 million cars will increase the price and decrease the production of food to feed the 2 billion poorest people of the world who spend at least half their income on food, according to the Earth Policy Institute.

Exxon, Bush fiddle while planet burns

On Feb. 1 Exxon Mobil announced the largest profits ever earned by a U.S. company — $40 billion in 2006. A day later, the UK Guardian reported that the Exxon-funded Bush-connected American Enterprise Institute sent letters to scientists and economists offering them $10,000 each to write articles that undermine the UN-sponsored report on global warming.

World Social Forum spotlights inequalities

NAIROBI, Kenya (IPS) — The 7th World Social Forum wound to a close here after five days of dialogue, art, poetry, dance, drama and protests led by participants from around the globe who believe “another world is possible.”

Womens rights are a vital issue in Iraq

Women’s rights need to be addressed among essential changes required in Iraq’s constitution.


Carter condemns Israeli/U.S. policy toward Palestine

I’d like to say that Carter has weighed into the debate on U.S. policy toward Israel/Palestine, but there has been no such debate in the U.S. corporate-owned media. This book, therefore, might be the opening of a public questioning of U.S. Mideast policy, and it’s about time.

Washington finally brings charges against Posada

On Jan. 11 a federal grand jury indicted Luis Posada Carriles on one charge of fraud and six counts of lying about his illegal arrival in the United States on March 17, 2005.

EDITORIAL: Saddam Husseins execution

The execution of Saddam Hussein was a crude, bizarre spectacle, following a deeply flawed trial process interrupted before this mass murderer’s crimes, and the ugly role of the U.S. in aiding him, could be laid bare to the world.

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