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The other Colombia stirs

“What was new was the breadth, extent, and depth of the protest, and above all the confluence of actors.” For analyst Raul Zibechi, the “other Colombia” was manifest in a wave of indigenous and workers’ protests against the regime of President Alvaro Uribe. Along the line, Uribe, custodian of a militarized U.S. puppet state, blinked.

Economy fix cant wait until 1.20.09

As the economy continues crashing and as Congress readies for a special post-election Nov. 17 session at which it could pass a new stimulus package of more than $300 billion, labor and its allies are pushing for sweeping measures aimed at getting millions back to work and putting money into the pockets of the people.

Worldnotes: November 8, 2008

Greece: Labor builds toward political change Brazil: Workers’ Party, allies dominate city elections Benin: Poor nations want in Iraq: U.S. forces agreement may fail China: Partnership grows with Russia Cuba: General Assembly nixes blockade

Human beings, not commodities

People’s Global Action held demonstrations Oct. 27 as the opening of the UN-sponsored Global Forum on Migration and Development kicked off in Manila. Under the theme, “Migrant workers are human beings, not commodities,” the nine-day PGA activities are “meant to supplement” the UN event.

World Notes

Syria: U.S. raid kills 8 Congo: Rebels take over gorilla refuge China: Premier says restructure world finance system Poland: Crisis slows economy Cuba: Cooperation resumed with EU

Harper loses bid for Conservative majority

VANCOUVER, British Columbia — After two years of right-wing rule on Oct. 14 voters punished the incumbent Conservative Party government headed by Stephen Harper by refusing to give him a majority government.

World notes: October 25, 2008

UK: House of Lords protects civil rights Bolivia: Constitution now tops government agenda China: Reform wave hits agriculture Iran: Strike forces tax freeze Kenya: UN warns of food shortages

Mexico remembers Tlatelolco, 1968

On Oct. 2 Mexicans observed the 40th anniversary of the 1968 Tlatelolco massacre with a march of tens of thousands of people through Mexico City and other events. Veterans of 1968 marched alongside students who were not even born then, joining with farmers and striking teachers. In Mexico City, the local government put flags at half mast.

World notes: October 18, 2008

Afghanistan: Military victory unlikely Iraq: Shell scores Guatemala: Peoples of a continent gather Italy: U.S. base plans scrapped India: Leaders look to Latin America for food Cuba: Committed to health care

WORLD NOTES: October 11

Colombia: Deaths, suffering mount Western Sahara: Independence struggle continues Israel: Departing leader opts for peace Japan: Anti-nuclear campaign grows Spain: Protest privatized health care Cuba: Support sought for hurricane recovery

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