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World Notes: Palestine, China, Zimbabwe, Ireland, Cuba and global union report

Palestine: Unity gov’t talks recess China: Pledge better migrant worker policies Zimbabwe: Humanitarian crisis continues Global: Unions = more pay for women Ireland: Foreign workers hit hardest Cuba: Int’l conference highlights regional efforts

El Salvador poised to make history

RIVER FOREST, Ill. -- After 20 years of one-party rule and 17 years after the end of a brutal civil war, a seismic political shift is shaping up in El Salvador.

As U.S. prepares to leave, whats happening in Iraq?

Iraqis reject religious agendas, demand action on basic needs As the U.S. moves to wind down its disastrous six-year occupation of Iraq, what is the shape of the country it is preparing to leave?



Somalia: New president raises peace hopes China: Mine disaster highlights safety breaches Guatemala: At last, a price for anti-women violence Iraq: Refugees live precarious existence Cuba: France pushes U.S. rapprochement

UK honors Claudia Jones with stamp

Britain’s Royal Mail issued a stamp last October honoring six “Women of Distinction” in the UK, among them Claudia Jones, a leader of the Communist Party USA who was deported from the United States in 1955, settling in London where she continued her struggle for equality, peace, and socialism.

Peace-seeking Israelis search for new direction

The rightward shift in Israel’s Feb. 10 elections shows that those seeking peace “must look in new directions,” says a leader of Israel’s left-liberal Meretz party.

WORLDNOTES February 28, 2009

Zimbabwe: Unity government formed China: World unions meet on economic crisis China: World unions meet on economic crisis Gaza: Israel unveiled new killing tool Britain: Report finds gov’t health care is best Latvia: Economic plunge is bellwether for Eastern Europe El Salvador: Struggle over mine mixes with elections Cuba: Food imports from U.S. grow

Dresden tremors still felt 64 years later

DRESDEN — A large-scale anti-fascist action Feb. 13 ended with brutal violence here.

World Notes

Italy: Protests continue vs. U.S. base Gaza: Israel seizes mercy ship South Africa: Israeli ships blocked Australia: Heat and drought cast pall Brazil: Landless workers continue struggle Cuba: UN reviews rights record


WORLDNOTES February 14, 2009

France: Unions mount general strike Russia: Missile bases on hold Egypt: Rail strike shuts down transport Chile: Left coalition takes shape China: Leader discusses challenges Cuba: Social security is revised

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