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India communists launch 'third front' alliance

Indian Communist and regional parties announced an alliance on Thursday aimed at winning national elections which begin next month.

U.S. declares neutrality in El Salvadors election, will work with winner

After mounting pressure from more than 140 experts on Latin America and solidarity groups, the Obama administration issued an official announcement through the U.S. Embassy in El Salvador that the U.S. does not support either candidate running for office in that country’s close presidential election scheduled Sunday, March 15.

Experts ask U.S. to condemn dirty campaigning in El Salvador

For months now, leading up to El Salvador’s presidential elections scheduled this Sunday, March 15, reliable polls had indicated that voters were on the verge of making history. Presidential candidate Mauricio Funes with the Farabundo Marti National Liberation Front (FMLN) had held a double-digit lead over Rodrigo Avila with the right-wing Nationalist Republican Alliance (ARENA) party.

Pakistan opposition protesters defy ban

Thousands of Pakistani opposition activists defied a ban on protests and launched a sit-in outside parliament on Thursday.

Scientists predict dramatic rise in sea levels

Climate scientists have warned that melting polar ice sheets could cause sea levels to rise twice as much as predicted.

Planting one million trees for life in Peru: Incan descendants clean up Mother Earth

CUZCO, Peru — The project involves men, women and children of all ages planting trees and cleaning up lakes and rivers and working to protect a region sacred to these descendants of the Incas.

Police officer shot dead by Continuity IRA

Dissident republicans the Continuity IRA fatally shot a policeman in Craigavon on Monday night as he responded to an emergency call, just 48 hours after the killing of two soldiers.

Home demolitions threaten peace talks

RAMALLAH, Mar 10 (IPS) - Eight months pregnant Shireen Abu Sbeh, 20, mother of a two-year-old, lives with eight other people in a two-bedroom apartment that is on a list of Palestinian homes in East Jerusalem to be demolished by the Israeli authorities.

Supreme Court briefs filed in support of Cuban Five

Twelve friend of the court briefs (amicus curiae) were filed with the U.S. Supreme Court March 6 in support of the position for the Court to review the case of the Cuban Five. This is the largest number of amicus briefs ever to have urged Supreme Court to review a criminal conviction.

World Notes: Palestine, China, Zimbabwe, Ireland, Cuba and global union report

Palestine: Unity gov’t talks recess China: Pledge better migrant worker policies Zimbabwe: Humanitarian crisis continues Global: Unions = more pay for women Ireland: Foreign workers hit hardest Cuba: Int’l conference highlights regional efforts

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