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Making history, Bolivians approve new constitution

Bolivians celebrated long into the night following referendum approval of a new constitution by a 62 percent majority on Jan. 25. Opposition forces gained 36.4 percent of the 3.9 million votes cast. “The democratic spirit of the new constitution” represented for Mexico’s La Jornada newspaper “a notable political achievement,” unique in South America.

WORLDNOTES - February 7, 2009

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Give diplomacy a chance in Afghanistan

In its opening days, the Obama administration has set the stage for both diplomatic and military moves in Afghanistan and South Asia. Peace movement leaders here urge emphasis on diplomacy and economic aid, and warn that military actions will worsen the situation.

The Cuban Revolution and the liberation of Africa

When the Cuban Revolution triumphed on Jan. 1 1959, its leaders openly declared their enmity for imperialism and colonialism, and began to organize material solidarity for revolutionary struggles in Africa, Asia and Latin America.