World News

Navy still bombing Vieques

The U.S. Navy started another round of military maneuvers and bombing on the island municipality of Vieques, Jan. 13, even though they have officially announced they will leave Vieques by May 1, 2003

International notes

Britain: Train drivers refuse war cargo / Iraq: ‘Confidential’ UN document cites humanitarian crisis / Venezuela: Transport workers won’t strike / Haiti: Aristide urges release of loan funds / Canada: Kyoto Climate Protocol ratified / Italy: Police faked evidence vs. Genoa protesters

Sharon faces trouble; Supreme Court reverses racist decision

TEL AVIV – Remarkable developments abound as people prepare to go to the polls Jan. 28 to elect a new government and Prime Minister. Incumbent Prime Minister and warhawk Ariel Sharon continues to face major challenges from his and his families’ corruption activities.

Corporate militarism on the rise in Colombia

On December 31, 2002, Alfredo Porras Rueda was detained by the Colombian government. In a televised statement hours later, General Jairo Duvan Pineda, commander of the Fifth Division of the Colombian Army, accused Rueda of being a member of the insurgent group Ejercito de Liberación Nacional (ELN).