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A political travelogue of South Korea

I was drawn to Korea by personal ties. My father duly reported to Hamilton Air Field for induction to fight in the Korean War, but my birth gave him the fourth dependent necessary to decline service. As a young leftist, my intellectual mentor was a brilliant Korean émigré, Harry Chang.


Worlds minorities often targets of war on terror

Ethnic and religious minorities accounted for more than 75 percent of those targeted in war worldwide last year, according a report released Jan. 19. The Bush administration’s “war on terror,” says the report, is a main culprit in the persecution of minority peoples.

Iraqi unions launch united struggle

Iraq’s labor movement has formed a united permanent coordinating committee to “make its positions known” to the Iraqi government, and to challenge the dictates of international financial institutions like the World Bank and International Monetary Fund.

Cuba to play in World Baseball Classic

After receiving pressure from Major League Baseball, the players’ association and the baseball commissioner’s office, the U.S. Treasury Department said Jan. 20 it would grant a license to the Cuban national baseball team, allowing its participation in the World Baseball Classic games set for March 3-20. The decision came after Cuba said it would donate any profits it received from the tournament to victims of Hurricane Katrina.