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Over 50,000 demonstrate against EU policies

THESSALONIKI, Greece – While governmental ministers were meeting at a European Union (EU) summit in a nearby seaside resort, over 50,000 demonstrators filled the streets of this ancient Greek port city June 21 to protest EU policies.

In Iraq Living conditions remain tragic

In a recent edition of Tareeq Al-Shaab, the living conditions of the Iraqi people were described as horrific. “More than ten weeks have passed since the collapse of the dictatorial regime, however, the situation remains at standstill,” with no progress nor any relief from the extremely tense conditions, the article said.

Students protest in Iran

News Analysis The student movement in Iran is again at the forefront of the struggle against the ruling dictatorship. While focusing on George Bush’s so-called support for the protesters, conveniently absent from most media reports is the actual reason behind the students’ protests.

International notes

China: Gov’t ratifies ASEAN treaty / South Korea: Railway strikers attacked by riot police / Nigeria: Workers strike over gas prices / Syria: Gov’t protests U.S. strike / Haiti: Seeking restitution from France

Iraqi workers up against U.S. corporations

U.S. Labor Against the War (USLAW), a nationwide network of labor groups, recently presented an exposé of the U.S. corporate invasion of Iraq under cover of the U.S.-British occupation. The report was presented to the Workers’ Group of the International Labor Organization in Geneva, June 14-15.