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Turkey: HDP’s Eyyup Doru – “What we need is democracy and freedom”

The solution to the crisis in Turkey is not in a state of emergency, but rather the return to democracy.


Bombing in Turkey triggers nationwide anger

Bomb blasts hit a  non-violent demonstration calling for a peaceful solution of the conflict between the Turkish government and Kurdish nationalist organizations.


Isis destroys historic Temple of Bel in Syria

Earlier this month Isis released footage of the decapitated body of 82-year-old antiquities department chief Khaled Asaad, whose body was later hung from Palmyra's ruins.


U.S.-Turkey deal: disaster in the making

The agreement between Turkey and the U.S. to cooperate against the Islamic State in Syria brings to mind a description of "crackpot realists."


Germany: sanctions and weapons deals, follow the money

In Germany today, references to Putin evoke all too sharply recollections of German language used against every Russian leader since the start of World War I.


Iran executions prompt mass condemnation

International condemnation by trade unionists and human rights activists has greeted the execution of five political prisoners by the Iranian authorities on May 9.