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Europe: The sky's not falling

"The subjugation of democratic process to the markets was the reason why we have the crisis today...we predicted from the onset...that austerity-based policies would backfire."


Colombia’s Communists celebrate 80 years in fight for democracy, unity

The Colombian Communist Party turned 80 this month and celebrated eight decades of struggle.


Painful birth of a new German president

Political machinations abounded during the chosing of Germany's next president.


Germany: Left goes in, right goes out - or does it?

BERLIN -- The state of North Rhine-Westphalia in the valleys of the Rhine and Ruhr is far and away the most populous German state, with 18 million people.


Amidst election setbacks, Italian left urges unity

The votes in the Italian regional elections reflected a strong sense of political frustration in Italy.


Oskar Lafontaine and the troubled German Left

BERLIN -- While German politicians stared at the calendar, wondering nervously what the May 9 elections will bring in the biggest state, North Rhine-Westphalia, with its 18 million people, media attention suddenly switched to a personal drama within the party called Die Linke (The Left).


Left groups keep spirit of Rosa Luxemburg alive

BERLIN—Huge snow storms could not keep leftists from all over Germany and their guests from other countries away from the annual commemoration of Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht.


Former guerilla wins Uruguayan presidency

In a runoff election on Nov. 29, José Mujica won the presidency by a 52 to 43 percent margin over former president Luis Alberto Lacalle of the right wing National Party.

Workers, left parties meet on global economic crisis

NEW DELHI -- There could not be an agenda more significant for the communist and workers parties' 11th international meeting than global capitalism's deep and ongoing economic crisis.


Threats mount against populist Paraguay president

Former bishop Fernando Lugo gained Paraguay's presidency in 2008 supported by a multifaceted coalition of popular forces.

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