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Rich history, bright future: The Japanese Communist Party convenes

ATAMI CITY, Japan — It’s 3:55 a.m. A small truck drops a bundle of newspapers under an overhang and drives on. Five minutes later, a white-haired man of 75 years, wrapped in a bright blue poncho and sporting a fisherman’s hat, peddles up on a bicycle.

ANC wins big vote in local elections

The African National Congress won two-thirds of the vote in the March 1 local elections in South Africa, handily defeating its closest rival, the Democratic Alliance, which won 16 percent. The Inkatha Freedom Party won 8 percent, and the Independent Democrats, 2 percent.


S. African women helped crush apartheid

The 1950s marked a turbulent period in the anti-apartheid struggle in South Africa. At the beginning of the decade, the apartheid regime banned the South African Communist Party, a longtime, militant foe of racism and inequality. Nonetheless, its struggles and the struggles of others continued in many different forms.