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Olympic creed: not the triumph but the struggle

Every four years the Olympic games bring together athletes from all corners of the world to compete in the planet’s biggest international multi-sports tournament. This year’s Summer Olympic games are scheduled to kick off in August in Beijing. The next Winter Olympics will be held in Vancouver, Canada, in 2010. Currently 203 countries participate in the Olympics, more than the 193 countries belonging to the United Nations.

Israel at 60 why celebrations are muted

Feelings about the state of Israel occupy a broad spectrum of world opinion, from adoring admiration in some quarters to hate veering into outright anti-Semitism from some others. As an expression of the 19th- and 20th-century Jewish national emancipation movement, Israel has achieved what its founders dreamed of — a country like any other, with all the attributes, positive and negative.

Marchers say poor pay for Iraq war

BALTIMORE – About 70 peace activists marched from Baltimore to the White House April 26-28 to protest the war on Iraq and the occupation, which they charged, Bush has forced the poor to pay for both in lives lost and tax dollars squandered.

International notes

Nepal: Solidarity needed / S. Korea: Truckers win victory / France: New strikes protest gov’t pension changes / Argentina: Workers’ co-ops taking root / India: 60 million set to strike

ALA rejects U.S.-backed libraries in Cuba

Among the 75 dissidents recently convicted on subversion charges in Cuba are so-called “independent librarians.”