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Iraqi unions launch united struggle

Iraq’s labor movement has formed a united permanent coordinating committee to “make its positions known” to the Iraqi government, and to challenge the dictates of international financial institutions like the World Bank and International Monetary Fund.

Cuba to play in World Baseball Classic

After receiving pressure from Major League Baseball, the players’ association and the baseball commissioner’s office, the U.S. Treasury Department said Jan. 20 it would grant a license to the Cuban national baseball team, allowing its participation in the World Baseball Classic games set for March 3-20. The decision came after Cuba said it would donate any profits it received from the tournament to victims of Hurricane Katrina.


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New charges of torture, banned weapons in Iraq

The Bush administration and the Iraqi government are once more on the receiving end of international outrage following the discovery of a torture dungeon linked to the U.S.-backed Iraqi government, and the admission that American soldiers used the deadly chemical white phosphorous in its assault on Fallujah nearly a year ago, something the Bush administration had repeatedly denied.

GOP opposes 'illegal immigration.' An online exchange.

Emile Schepers responds to reader letter on his earlier story, “Virginia gubernatorial race heats up.”

EDITORIAL: Puerto Rican independence

On Sept. 23 thousands of Puerto Ricans went to the town of Lares to commemorate the 137th anniversary of the revolutionary uprising against Spanish colonialism. These protesters also demanded the end of today’s U.S. colonial domination of this Latin American island nation — Puerto Rico.

EDITORIAL: Second superpower is back

On Feb. 15, 2003, 11 million people around the world marched and rallied against Bush’s plans to unleash a pre-emptive, unilateral war. This huge outpouring was described as “the second global superpower.”

Bush: Saddam must share blame for Katrina

President rips Hussein for distracting federal government Just two days after taking responsibility for failures of the federal government’s response in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, President George W. Bush modified that position somewhat, telling reporters that former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein “should share at least some of the blame” for those failures.

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