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Greece: Lawyers accuse British before ICC / Burma: Unocal sued over forced labor / Argentina: Military officers to stand trial / Vietnam: Haiphong development plan unveiled / S. Africa: Miners win wage hike

Bush threatens Iran, war danger grows

News analysis George Bush once again accused Iran of continuing to “harbor and assist terrorists,” July 21, warning of the consequences. Israel, as well, on July 21, accused Iran of “trying everything” to get nuclear weapons, and that if it succeeded, it would threaten a far wider theatre than just the Middle East.

Thousands caught in deportation nightmare

Less than two weeks after Rabih Haddad’s wife vowed to clear the name of her deported husband, she and three of her children have themselves been deported. Salma Al-Rushaid and her children, ages 5 through 13, were deported July 28 to her native Kuwait for alleged visa violations. The family hopes to join Haddad in Lebanon soon. The couple’s fourth child, a U.S. citizen, will remain here.

International notes

Cuba: Charges of interference refuted / China: Gov’t offers economic cooperation to Taiwan / Afghanistan: U.S. credibility on the line / Britain: Immigrant workers exploited / South Africa: Mine strike looms

BBC spotlights Israels WMDs

In a recent 50-minute television documentary entitled, “Israel’s Secret Weapons,” the British Broadcasting Corp.’s World Service points its finger at Israel’s nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons of mass destruction.

Dominican impoverishment deepens

SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic – Dominicans are much poorer today than six months ago. The devastating effects of the financial crisis and the devaluation of the peso in the first half of 2003 have dramatically reduced the purchasing power of all consumers.

Bush warhawks beg UN for help

The Bush administration, which thumbed its nose at the United Nations before the Iraq war, has now been forced to beg the UN for help with its foundering occupation.

400,000 demand probe of Bush lies

While White House officials assert that President George W. Bush “is not a fact checker,” hundreds of thousands of Americans are demanding that the facts be checked on why the Bush administration went to war in Iraq.

World conference hits war, capitalist crisis

Communist & Workers’ parties meet in Athens ATHENS, Greece – Meeting in the wake of the U.S. military invasion and occupation of Iraq, but bolstered by the unprecedented global peace upsurge that resisted the war, representatives of some 60 Communist and Workers’ parties gathered here June 19-20 to exchange views and increase international solidarity.

International notes

Kenya: ‘Bush seriously out of touch’ / Korea: Solve nuke issue peacefully / India: Bhopal victims demand trial / Canada: Another court okays same-sex marriages / France: AIDS convention urges cheap drugs

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