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Ousted Dilma Rousseff to Brazilians: Believe in democracy, dream of justice

In a defiant speech, Rousseff asks Brazilians to resist the coup and fight the gutting of progressive policies.


Brazil's coup government represses Olympics protests, attempts pension and health cuts

The Temer government's actions against demonstrators are consistent with the regressive policies enacted since he stole the presidency from Dilma Rousseff.


Brazilian Left pushing hard for referendum to stop rightward slide

The referendum would authorize new elections for October, but this depends on first defeating the efforts of the right to remove President Dilma Rousseff from office.


Brazil coup a plot to cover up corruption among the plotters?

The scandal strongly suggests that Rousseff's impeachment was part of a conspiracy to cover up corruption among those who engineered her ouster.


Brazil's workers say, "Stay Dilma, there will be no coup!

To put it mildly, social policies implemented by the Workers Party-led government displeased the elite and reactionary middle class.


Brazil: Workers' Party names candidate to succeed Lula

At its national congress in February, the Workers' Party acclaimed President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva's endorsement of Dilma Rousseff as the Party's presidential candidate for elections in October.