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Blood on the textbooks: Mexican teachers stand firm against state repression

Mexico has been in an uproar over the use of force against teachers resisting corporate education reform.


Ho Chi Minh City Communist party head encourages labor unions to strike

An official in the ruling party of Vietnam, where corporations have been engaged in a race to the bottom on wages, is encouraging workers to strike.


Dangerous seas: War danger escalates in the Pacific

Recent events combined with historical strains reaching back 60 years have turned the western Pacific into one of the most hazardous spots on the globe.


Brazil's interim health minister is bad for the people's health

Brazil's coup government's health minister, Ricardo Barros, says Brazil's people "imagine" they are sick; now he and Temer want to dismantle the public healthcare.


Brazil's coup government represses Olympics protests, attempts pension and health cuts

The Temer government's actions against demonstrators are consistent with the regressive policies enacted since he stole the presidency from Dilma Rousseff.


South Africa: African National Congress faces setback in local elections

ANC's Communist Party partners say voters were clear: Don't assume your struggle credentials will forever act as an excuse for arrogance and predatory behavior.


Turkey: HDP’s Eyyup Doru – “What we need is democracy and freedom”

The solution to the crisis in Turkey is not in a state of emergency, but rather the return to democracy.


In a historic first, Rio 2016 fields Refugee Olympic Team

"By welcoming the team of Refugee Olympic Athletes to the Olympic Games Rio 2016, we want to send a message of hope for all refugees in our world," said International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach.


Facing bullets and prison, Mexican teachers stand up to education reforms

"Corporate interests seek to privatize public education and undermine our ability to function as educators."


NATO’s stance toward Russia increases nuclear danger

After disappearing from the radar for several decades, nukes are back, and modernizing the U.S. arsenal will almost certainly kick off a nuclear arms race.

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