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Communists march in Baghdad to mark 1958 revolution

Iraq’s Communist Party led a mass march through the center of Baghdad today, commemorating the July 14, 1958, national democratic revolution that ousted the British-installed monarchy.

Hondurans fighting coup

Honduran peoples organizations began Tuesday with a new day of peaceful resistance after 17 days of rallies and other demonstrations against the June 28 military coup.

US to unearth Afghan war skeletons

US President Barack Obama has ordered an investigation into reports that warlords allied to the US slaughtered up to 2,000 Afghan prisoners of war in 2001.

G-8 didnt do enough to address economic crises

The leaders of the world’s top economies failed to adequately address the three major economic crises facing the world—unemployment, climate change and development, according to leaders of unions around the globe who had called on the G-8 summit last week in Italy to take strong action to stimulate the global economy. Said John Evans, general secretary of the Trade Union Advisory Committee (TUAC) to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development OECD) :


Galaxy Zoo wants you

You out there reading this on your computer screen: want to take part in an international scientific research project? Using just your computer you can help identify galaxies light years away — and you don’t even need a telescope! That’s because ordinary web users working together have proven to be just as good at identifying galaxies as professional astronomers.


WORLDNOTES: Argentina, United Kingdom, Zimbabwe, Gaza, Thailand, Puerto Rico

Argentina: Elections mirror economic stresses United Kingdom: MPs urge cut-off of aid to Colombia Zimbabwe: Government gains financial aid Gaza: Humanitarian shipment attacked Thailand: Giant farms threaten small producers Puerto Rico: Doctors lead health care fight

Climate change unresolved at G8 summit

he United States and the leaders of the planet’s largest industrialized nations said yesterday at the G-8 summit that the earth has to go green by cutting half of all emissions linked to climate change by the year 2050. There are big barriers, however, both in the United States and in the developing countries that stand in the way.

Cubas revolution: continuous change

In the fairy tale Rumpelstiltskin, the afore-named magical creature spins straw into gold. That image came to mind during a recent visit to Cuba, a country that if not actually turning anything into gold, has certainly “seized victory from the jaws of defeat,” more than once in the 50 years since January, 1959.

Engineer makes cooking oil breakthrough

A new use for old cooking oil could help cut emissions from building roads, engineers have claimed. Engineer Helen Bailey has developed a process for replacing bitumen, which is normally used in road surfaces to 'glue' asphalt together, with waste vegetable oil.

Transport workers in Japan required to take daily smile scans

In an effort to improve “customer relations” a Japanese transportation company is forcing over 500 employees to take a daily smile test measuring the degree and brightness of worker smiles. According to the Mainichi Daily News, the Keihin Electric Express Railway Co. has instituted the new computer scanning program designed by Kyoto-based precision equipment maker Omron Corp.

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