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Pakistan generals profit from mayhem, communists say

In a recent analysis, the Communist Party of Pakistan says the Obama administration is interested in working out a political settlement in Afghanistan "in order to cut down its colossal expenditures there."

Iran sanctions are no solution, says solidarity organization

CODIR Assistant General Secretary Jamshid Ahmadi made clear the position of human rights and peace organizations in relation to Iran.


Escalating conflict with Iran could spur disastrous war

This situation, if not resolved, could lead to a conflagration of unimaginable proportions, with consequences that will reverberate throughout the Middle East and the world.


Power struggle rages in Iran

With less than two years to go before the next presidential election in Iran a power struggle to determine its outcome is in full swing.


19 political prisoners on hunger strike in Iran

The Committee for the Defense of the Iranian People's Rights is asking for solidarity with prominent political prisoners on hunger strike in Iran.

Iran: Turmoil at the top

There is a struggle between Ahmadinejad and the clerics around Khamenei, but, while it may play out in arguments over obscure religious issues, the fight is over political and economic power.

Political prisoner dies in Iran jail

Another victim of the Iranian regime's brutal repression, hunger striking political prisoner Hoda Saber, has died in jail.


Iranians release bus drivers union leader

The leader of the independent bus drivers union in Tehran, Iran, was released on bond from Iranian prisons.


Iran rulers sharpen knives as economy bleeds

The struggle to influence the outcome of the presidential vote in 2013 is already under way.


Iran opposition grows as regime increases repression

The Ahmadenijed regime appears increasingly detached from the real world, and opposition continues on the streets.

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